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Welcome to Pascals College:- GREATER LONDON


Applications are invited for Public Examinations for

all examination boards; AQA, CIE, EDEXCEL, OCR and WJEC,

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We are open on Saturdays (1.00pm - 6.00pm) during March 2015

Availability of EDEXCEL (Pearson) IGCSEs for UK centres

May / June 2015 will be the last offering of these examinations for centres in the UK.

Accounting (4AC0)

Arabic (First Language) (4AR0)

Art and Design: Fine Art (4FA0)

Art and Design: Graphic Design (4GD0)

Art and Design: (Photography) (4PY0)

Art and Design: Textiles (4TE0)

Bangladesh Studies (4BN0)

Bengali (4BE0)

Classical Arabic (4CA0)

Commerce (4CM0)

Gujarati (4GU0)

Islaiyat (4IS0)

Modern Greek (4MG0)

Pakistan Studies (4PA0)

Sinhala (4SI0)

Swahili (4SW0)

Turkish (4TU0)

Urdu (4UR0)


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