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Welcome to Pascals College:- GREATER LONDON

Examination Entry deadline: 21/04/2015

No more entries for ; Controlled assessments, Coursework or Science Practical modules will be accepted after the deadline.

Examinations consisting of written modules only, or examinations with written module components, will still be accepted after the deadline. (Very late fees apply)

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Availability of EDEXCEL (Pearson) IGCSEs for UK centres

May / June 2015 will be the last offering of these examinations for centres in the UK.

Accounting (4AC0)

Arabic (First Language) (4AR0)

Art and Design: Fine Art (4FA0)

Art and Design: Graphic Design (4GD0)

Art and Design: (Photography) (4PY0)

Art and Design: Textiles (4TE0)

Bangladesh Studies (4BN0)

Bengali (4BE0)

Classical Arabic (4CA0)

Commerce (4CM0)

Gujarati (4GU0)

Islaiyat (4IS0)

Modern Greek (4MG0)

Pakistan Studies (4PA0)

Sinhala (4SI0)

Swahili (4SW0)

Turkish (4TU0)

Urdu (4UR0)


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